Streamlining the Payment Gateway for the STPM and MUET Examinations


3TD Solutions is a distinguished IT company renowned for delivering cutting-edge and exceptional solutions tailored to the unique requisites of our esteemed clients. We are honoured to present our most recent endeavour in collaboration with Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM), focusing on the creation and implementation of a Payment Gateway and the refinement of the STPM and MUET examination systems. This case study provides a comprehensive overview of the project's scope, intricacies, and the exemplary solutions we have provided for MPM.

pivotal elements

Creation of a Payment Gateway

In our unyielding quest for excellence, we've harnessed cutting-edge technology to utterly transform the process of collecting examination fees. Fuelled by unwavering dedication, we've forged a bastion of security and an engine of peerless efficiency: our Payment Gateway. However, our commitment goes beyond this. We've meticulously crafted an interface so intuitive and seamless that it harmoniously moves to the cadence of candidates' fingertips. Our overarching mission? It's not just to streamline transactions for our candidates, but to elevate the very essence of their experience.

Integration with MPM's Pre-existing Applications

We orchestrated a flawless fusion of the Payment Gateway into MPM's extensive suite of applications, fortifying data integrity and bestowing candidates with an impeccably seamless and unwaveringly consistent experience.

API Development and Response Page

We meticulously engineered and unleashed tailored APIs to streamline the exchange of data between the Payment Gateway and MPM's systems. Furthermore, we sculpted a responsive and information-rich response page, assuring swift, insightful feedback for our esteemed candidates.

System Design

We birthed an intuitive, user-centric system meticulously attuned to MPM's exacting specifications, with the sole purpose of elevating the examination experience to unprecedented heights for our candidates.

Training and Technology Transfer

We equipped MPM's dedicated personnel with an extensive training program, guaranteeing the seamless operation of our new systems and fostering the transfer of invaluable technological expertise to their internal team, fostering a legacy of long-term sustainability.

Documentation and Source Code

We assembled a dedicated support team ready to tackle any challenges and deliver unwavering technical assistance throughout the post-implementation phase, ensuring the system's functionality and security within a specified warranty period.

Support and Warranty Period

We diligently documented every aspect of the project, encompassing architectural frameworks, API specifications, and user manuals. Furthermore, we provided MPM with unrestricted access to the project's source code, enhancing transparency and enabling future development opportunities.


The successful realisation of the Payment Gateway and the accompanying system enhancements culminated in:

  • Effortless Payment Processing: It ushered in an era of impeccably streamlined payment processing for examination fees, ensuring transactions unfolded with lightning speed and unparalleled ease.
  • Data Trustworthiness and Consistency: It heralded a new standard of data accuracy and unwavering consistency, achieved through the seamless integration of systems, solidifying unwavering trust in the examination processes.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The transformation was profound, delivering an elevated user experience that not only banished candidate frustration but also eradicated payment discrepancies, crafting an overwhelmingly positive and enduring journey for all.


3TD Solutions is exceptionally honored to embark on a transformative partnership with Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) aimed at propelling their payment and examination systems to new heights. This project stands as a testament to our resolute dedication to furnishing our esteemed clients with groundbreaking, fortified, and user-centric solutions. Our hearts are brimming with enthusiasm as we eagerly anticipate the prospect of continued collaborations, where we can continue to empower organisations in their relentless pursuit of digital transformation and the attainment of unprecedented operational excellence.

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